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Who Are We

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Sasha "BlackRuby" Turner
"The Creative Designer"
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Charlayne Lane
"The Idealist "
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Fatimah E. 
"The Strategist"

Sasha Turner-Morris was born in Atlanta Ga and has lived in Ga her entire life. Sasha has been a hairstylist since she was in elementary taking her first paying client at the age of 11. She went on to get her license in 2016 after making several career changes. She is now a licensed Master Cosmetologist, Loctician and a Master Educator. While continuing to learn and advance in the beauty industry.

Atlanta Georgia native.

Always had a love for natural & beautiful things.

Went to school for sociology but soon realized she truly enjoyed teaching.

After teaching PreK for a number of years she went back to obtain her Masters Degree In Education & Training.

However upon graduation she was contracted to become a Family Support Coach. to continue teaching & training but with adults.


Throughout her life her passion for creativity lead her to the kitchen to be a baker.

As a self-taught baker, she now make cakes, pastries & savory dishes for events, birthdays or family functions. As well as party favor bags filled with all type of requested goodies.

Our festival started in 2000 when a group of friends decided to share the things that they are most passionate about: creativity, human interaction, and being in the open air. At The Loc Fest, there’s something for everyone: events, shopping, food and most of all - an amazing atmosphere. Check out our site for photos, videos and all the information that you might need.

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Why The Loc Expo
and Where the Idea Came From

In recent years, the explosion of the Natural Hair Movement has spread worldwide, encouraging women of all races to move away from processed hair to natural and Loc’d styles. Creating a new society that exchanges tips, swap products, and share the stories of their journey with the mission for women & men with naturally textured hair. From elementary schools and team sports, to the armed forces and corporate America, natural hairstyles have pushed and gained acceptance as never before. Loc Expo aims to debunk the myths and misconceptions of what Locs’ represent and the comfort and grace of wearing them.​

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